Carlos Archaga

Site Founder

Creator of the site. Does a bit of everything required to keep things up and running. His goal is to spread the word of talented artists and their creations while providing them with quality merchandising services.

Comic Guy

JohnLee ``ComicGuy`` Garcia

Lead Author

JohnLee, A.K.A.” ComicGuy,” is a big fan of webcomics. He shares his discoveries and thoughts of comics around the net every Monday.

Byron Profile

Byron Buslig

Founding Artist

Byron joined the project very early on and his support and contribution as an artist has been a fundamental part in the creation of this site. He’s the go-to-guy for the site’s graphic designs and illustrations.

DAFT by DESIGN (DbD) is a news start-up website/company based in Mami, Fl. Here at DbD, were big fans of art, but what we truly love is how so many amazing artists are able to use their skills to create varied forms of entertainment: web comics, graphic/visual novels, indie games, animation, and so on. Hence, DbD was created. We hope to build a hub of information to discover new comics and artist, create a community for the artists and their fans while helping them monetize their work to help support their creations.