I am ARG! is a semi autobiographical comic about the artist. His life seems to involve copious amounts of Legos, videogames, and dick jokes. Lots and lots and LOTS of dick jokes.

The first few strips  have really different designs that shows him experimenting with art styles before he finally settled on the style he would be using in the future. I have to say, this comic has tons of toilet and crude humor, so if you don’t really enjoy that, then it might not be for you (but I highly suggest you check it out anyway). Personally, I liked how well he executed these kinds of jokes. There are even some puns in this comic that are not only very clever, but down right funny.

As I said, it’s semi autobiographical , for the most part, so you can assume many of his comics have inspiration from his real life.

Check it out and I hope you like it as much as I do.

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