Clique Refresh is a relatively new comic that started earlier this year with about 60 or so updates so far. It’s about the girl above named Ellie and her little pal Tooka, who by the way is the cutest little dork I’ve ever seen! I could gush about him for hours, he’s so fuckin’ cute! Anyways, the story so far it seems to center on Ellie having just moved out and finding a place of her own and gaming with her friends. She’s struggling a bit, but she seems rather happy with her life and decisions so far.

The story as I said hasn’t had very much time to develop, but I really love the more “cartoony” style of this comic, and the game she and her friends play seems interesting. I can’t wait to see where it goes, and can’t wait to see more of Tooka!

But, just in case you catch up too quickly, the author Amy T. Falcone also worked on Cardigan Weather and Citation Needed.

As always, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Second Opinion (Archaga):

Definitely caught up to it too fast and now I’m eagerly waiting for more. Has a really nice art style and a great cast of characters (Tooka definitely being the real star of the comic). It’s a comic one can easily relate to. Still a bit early to know whether the story will take a certain direction or if it’ll remain as slices of life, but definitely worth sticking around to find out.

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