Hey all, I am TheComicGuy. I’m a webcomic critic, but I’m not above reading some indie comics and a few Marvel and DC. I also review graphic novels, and comic adaptations of books I’ve read. I read all kinds of genre so you might see some comics you like, and if you have some you want me to check out send me a link over at my Tumblr! I’m also hoping to branch into Youtube someday so look forward to that in the future, most likely a lets play channel, but I’ll talk about comics there as well when the mood strikes, but I digress.

I also try and promote artists when I can. Whether it is a Kickstarter or a Patreon, feel free to donate or support when you can guys and gals. Aside from that, I’m your basic comic geek, hope you all enjoy the comics I review, and feel free to share your own opinions with me! I’m always open to some good old fashioned debates.

As always, I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

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Comic Reviewer

I love comics! Reading them, talking about them, and writing about them. I'm here to spread the word and the awesome ones I discover.

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