It is with great pleasure that I present Byron Buslig, Daft by Design’s very first artist. Byron has been with us from the very beginning; when DbD was still just ideas and concepts he showed us support and has been nothing but helpful along the way. His involvement with the DbD, both professionally as an illustrator/graphic designer and a passionate artist in the realm of online comics, has been paramount in its creation.

Byron Buslig is a graphic design/illustration student at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where he’s Chief Graphic Designer for their newspaper and online forum. He also offers his skills as a freelance artist.

Byron is also an avid webcomic maker. You might know him as Pyrofire2007 on or NFire from the now defunct Fireball20xl community, in which he has created countless short comics over the years. He’s the creator of the popular, insanely awesome, Pokémon based webcomic “This Serious”, which follows the everyday life of Charmander, Squirtle, and Gengar. Each strip is bound to make you laugh with their daily life antics and twists on Pokémon mythos.

You might also know Byron for his first long running comic “Eyepatch-Tan” and the ongoing series “Skeleton in a Sweater.” Both great, funny, and at times ridiculously nonsensical.

Make sure to stop by and say hi to Byron over at TWITTER and TUMBLR. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe so you don’t miss out on updates of his comics and the awesome illustrations he posts.

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While not artistically inclined myself, I enjoy the vast forms of entertainment artist provide to the world. I created this site to help spread the word of all the awesome creations being made by talented folks.

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