I’m very pleased to introduce DAFTbyDESIGN’s new partner, Sphinx Scribble.

Took me while to come up with a proper introduction for our new partner, you see, Sphinx Scribble is not just one particular artist. The core of Sphinx Scribble is S.D. Lockhart (Seth and Drew Lockhart). The duo have been making comics for years: writing, illustrating, and even experimenting with animation. However, in the past few years they have focused their talent into concept design and writing, partnering with talented artists around the world. This has given them the ability to work on multiple projects at once while allowing each of their comics to have very distinct, but equally amazing art directions.

Among their current ongoing project is Starpunch Girl (SPG),

“Starpunch Girl, a cosmic entity with the power of stars in her fists, creates a race of human beings to battle the Black Hole Army that enslaved her home world. The Black Hole Army is led by her nemesis since galactic grade school, Blackhole Boy. The story’s point of view alternates between Starpunch Girl observing her creations as they grow and the humans who worship and wonder about their creator.”

This series is the collaboration work of S.D. Lockhart and Thai illustration artist Patibut “Narm” P. Together they’ve created an action packed, highly original, insanely detailed and colorful comic. What’s very unique about the SPG comic,  is that similar to S.D. Lockhart’s earlier work, the story is quite elaborate while not using a single line of spoken dialogue. Each scene speaks for itself. Each thought and emotion is spoken through the art itself. An incredible feat not seen often.

Another current project is Gun Trick,

“A mysterious magician searches the weird west for the elusive Dr. Death.”

Gun Trick is a fascinating action fantasy comic by S.D. Lockhart and currently being illustrated by Dansuko Campos, incorporating concepts of Native American spirituality, a wild west settings, and characters with unique abilities and their spirit “animals.” Quite the addicting and promising story.

Sphinx Scribble has various other projects currently in development so make sure to keep and eye on them for updates. You can follow them on FB/Twitter, read both mentioned comics and even support them on Tapastic, or stop by their main site. If you’re already fan, they currently have Starpunch Girl’s World Tour prints for sale and a few other cool items over at their store right here on DAFTbyDESIGN.

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  1. Fran Lockhart

    Please check the store! I am trying to buy a tee from the StarPunchGirl items( the logo one) and there is no button to buy it! Buttons available for the other shirts but not this one!!


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